Tony Cohan

Native State: A Memoir A Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year. “An exemplary memoir that starts with ‘California as suspect, ersatz Eden, needful of unmasking’ and opens out into the rest of the world.” – Seattle Weekly.

Alice Denham

Amo Black humor science fiction satire in which Amo is a feminist centerfold from outer space sent to earth to teach earthmen equality.  “The most sexually vivid novel ever written by a woman.” -David Markson.  “A women’s liberation classic.”-Library Journal

Ricardo Gustavo Espeja

Yezidismo A brief description of Yezidis’ beliefs and their persecutions; relations with Old Testament customs and their possible relation with Patristic cases of Zósimo and Origenes. Yezidismo is a henotheist religion. It is an Old Religion and not well known in Spanish-language countries. This book tries to shed some light on it.

Patricia Jean Browne

Winter Bloom: A Heart Warms in San Miguel “In well-crafted narrative that deftly weaves present and past, Patricia Jean Browne shares her experience in a convention-bound, gender-scripted marriage over forty years. … the reader learns the devastating costs for women of traditional marriage and motherhood and the layers of self-deception that are required to repressContinue reading “Patricia Jean Browne”

Patricia Juana Merrill Márquez

The Buen Provecho Book: Capturing the spice of Mexico through Popular Food and Sayings Sui generis… Mexican cooking and culture through Spanish language Mexican food expressions. This book is not only about recipes. The Buen Provecho Book is also about the psyche of the Mexicans, and about understanding that essential nature through their food andContinue reading “Patricia Juana Merrill Márquez”