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Amo coverAmo

Black humor science fiction satire in which Amo is a feminist centerfold from outer space sent to earth to teach earthmen equality.  “The most sexually vivid novel ever written by a woman.” -David Markson.  “A women’s liberation classic.”-Library Journal

Literary Novel


My Darling from the Lions coverMy Darling From The Lions

Passionate conflict between Grace, a young painter, and Carl, her macho composer husband, exploring the horror of obsessive love.  “When Miss Denham is being lyrical, she is capable of some really incredible language.” New York Times Book Review.

Literary Novel


Sleeping With Bad Boys coverSleeping With Bad Boys: A Juicy Tell-All of Literary New York in the 1950s and 1960s

My struggle to be a novelist when male writers were gods and women couldn’t get jobs. Steamy sex with James Dean, Norman Mailer, Hugh Hefner, Philip Roth, and William Gaddis. Only Playmate with fiction in the same issue. “Wry, gossipy, poignant,feminist.” New York Times Book Review, full page, 11/19/06.  “A genuinely subversive book that shows how we make flawed celebrities into icons that determine literary standards.” Rain Taxi Review of Books, Minneapolis, Spring 2008.

Literary Memoir

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