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Cloven Tongues of Fire coverCloven Tongues of Fire

A spiritual story, a religious story, a love story. This novella is all three in one. It’s the story of a man, Nathan Tillery, who sets out to seek salvation… and runs into a wall. It’s the story of his loving wife, Emma Jean, who keeps faith with both to her husband and her beliefs… though even she begins to entertain doubts. This beautifully crafted novella builds on themes similar to those explored in the author’s earlier award-winning book Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories.


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Le Pickpocket coverLe Pickpocket – Bilingual French-English Edition

In this award-winning short story, a professional pickpocket in Paris recollects highlights from his career. The story, after being rejected by numerous literary magazines in the U.S., won first prize in a literary competition in France co-sponsored by Sorbonne University and Paris Transcontinental magazine. It later was included in several anthologies, including an annual “best stories” collection in the U.S. This edition has both the English and French language versions of the story.

Short story

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Robbers coverRobbers – Special Edition

An award-winning novel with two drifters on the prowl in a stolen Caddy ragtop, a woman on the run, and a tough but aging Texas Ranger with a nose for chasing down fugitives. Put them all on the road in a chase across Texas, then follow a twisting tale full of surprises at every turn. “Cook covers it with fearless originality, in a lyric voice that sings itself raw.” – The New York Times Book Review. “The dialogue is masterful, the characters spring from the page… Don’t miss this one.” – The Sunday Times – London.


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Screen Door Jjesus coverScreen Door Jesus & Other Stories

So what happens when people apply their religion to life’s hard choices in the small East Texas town of Bethlehem, where churches of various denominations are located on almost every block?  Find out with this award-winning collection of ten interwoven stories. “Underlying all of Mr. Cook’s stories is a deep and fearless understanding. A master of setting, characterization, dialogue and narrative, the author knows what he’s doing, and why.” – The Dallas Morning News.

Short story collection

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Storm coverStorm – A Novella

This powerful novella of a young boy and his extended family in rural East Texas is reminiscent of Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner both in the psychological complexity of its storytelling and in the music of its language. There is the boy and the grandfather he worships, the vivacious mother he loves, the emotionally distant father he both admires and aches for, and two violent uncles he fears. The undercurrent of suspense builds to a climactic ending that is both highly dramatic and emotionally charged.


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Tiger Ridge coverTiger Ridge – Three Stories

Three powerful short stories: “Lafayette Dugas, Bayou Desperado” tells the story of a young 19th century highwayman who preys on the citizens of Baton Rouge. “The Code” explores the issues of honor, jealousy and betrayal between two men and a woman. And “Tiger Ridge Trilogy” is the story of a small-town killing told in three parts from the points of view of three different characters and voices.

Short stories

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