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Fiction of Hortense Calisher coverThe Fiction of Hortense Calisher

The first book-length critical study of the works of Hortense Calisher (1911-2009). Kathleen Snodgrass explores the theme and its variations that have permeated Calisher’s complex and stylistically experimental work.


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After-Images coverAfter-Images: Autobiographical Sketches

The 73-year-old Snodgrass looks back at a life rich in experience.  At the heart of the book is a long reminiscence of the early days of the Iowa Writers Workshop in which Snodgrass’s mentors included Robert Lowell and John Berryman.


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To Sound Like Yourself coverTo Sound Like Yourself: Essays on Poetry

Six essays on that singular quality, the poet’s distinctive voice, that separates the best poetry from the merely technical and pedantic.  Written by a master craftsman, the book is essential reading for both poets and students of poetry.


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The Fuhrer Bunker coverThe Fuehrer Bunker: The Complete Cycle

Snodgrass’s most ambitious and controversial work, The Fuehrer Bunker explores the inner worlds of Hitler’s innermost circle in the last days of the Third Reich in searing and technically daring dramatic monologues.


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Make-Believes coverMake-Believes: Verses and Visions

A compilation of two book-length collaborations between poet and painter–The Death of Cock Robin and The Midnight Carnival–as well as Seasoned Chairs for a Child, sonnets by WDS to accompany chairs designed by McGraw for the children’s room of the Nashville Public Library.


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Not For Specialists coverNot for Specialists: New and Selected Poems

A judicious selection of poems from an illustrious career that began with Snodgrass’s Pulitzer Prize winning volume, Heart’s Needle (1959). Snodgrass’s last publication marked his third time as a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.


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De/Compositions coverDe/Compositions: 101 Good Poems Gone Wrong.

In De/Compositions, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, Snodgrass rewrites good poems so as to reveal what makes them good. The originals and the often hilariously bad stand side-by-side.


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