Sandra Cisneros looks back as a writer in search of home

Sandra Cisneros, legendary author and San Miguel PEN member was interviewed by Jeffrey Brown on the PBS Newshour on October 29. She mentions her latest nesting place in San Miguel, since her new book, A House of My Own: Stories From My Life, is about her search for home.

Asked about her best selling first novel, The House on Mango Street, she describes that book as her eldest child who goes out, gets a job and makes money to support the rest of the children.

A House of My Own can be ordered on Amazon. It has been described as “poignant, honest, deeply moving, … an exuberant celebration of a life in writing lived to the fullest.”

Sandra will have copies for sale and signing at her appearance on the stage of Bellas Artes, San Miguel on February 2nd in the 2016 San Miguel PEN series.

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