Amir Ibrahim

Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

Amir Ibrahim is the  Director General of the news site On July 8, 2017, he received a threatening WhatsApp message (roughly translated): “Be careful where you move. I have watched you. What you do in the back I going to do it in front. First warning. And save the screen. That thou mayest test my promise.” Some time later, he received another message from the same number: “I’ll start all cyber counterattacks. I’ll kill you all. I hired the entire staff of anonymous to return the attack they did to me. But to you I’ll give special treatment so you can see what is to love God in the land of Pharisees. Every step you take, you and all your personal area will be under surveillance.”

Ibrahim believes that the messages came from Quintana Roo businessman Carlos Mimenza. Ibrahim has denounced Mimenza to the Federal and State Attorney General’s offices. Story in Spanish: Denuncian ante la Fiscalía y PGR a Mimenza por amenazas

Spanish-language story from Article 19: Amenazan de muerte a director de medio crítico en Quintana Roo

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