Gabriela Soto

Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

On June 4, 2018, Gabriela Soto was the target of a misogynist campaign via WhatsApp. Messages containing attacks and distortions about Sra. Soto’s personal life were sent, mainly to journalists and other communications people.

Gabriela Soto writes for Noroeste, a Culiacán newspaper, and has a good reputation for investigative journalism. A week earlier, she wrote a series of articles about the candidates for Senator for Sinaloa. The articles contained some information about these candidates that was less than flattering, and it’s a commonly held belief that the WhatsApp attack was prompted by Soto getting too close to the truth in these as well as some earlier articles.

Gabriela Soto’s Facebook page

Spanish-language op-ed by Alejandro Sicairos in Noroeste: En defensa de Gabriela Soto. Agresión al estilo PAS-Cuén


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