Maria del Sol Cruz Jarquín

Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

Maria del Sol Cruz Jarquín was killed in an armed attack in Juchitán de Zaragoza, OAX on June 2, 2018. Also killed were Pamela Zamari, a candidate for Todos por México in the upcoming election, and Adelfo Guerra, a cousin of Zamari.

Cruz Jarquín worked for the State of Oaxaca’s Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (SAI). She was also a video artist and photographer. They sent her, apparently against her will, to Juchitán to cover the election campaign. Juchitán is regarded as one of the most dangerous areas of the State of Oaxaca. She was the daughter of Soledad Jarquín Edgar. a prominent Oaxacan journalist.

Spanish-language article by Soledad Jarquín Edgar in Los Ángeles Press: “Tu cuerpo olía a sangre”: Soledad Jarquín a su hija periodista asesinada en Oaxaca

Spanish-language article by Yadira Sosa in Imparcial: María del Sol fue enviada a Juchitán contra su voluntad”: Soledad Jarquín

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