José Guadalupe Chan Dzib was shot to death in a bar in Playa de Carmen, QR, just after 10 PM on June 29.

Chan Dzib had received threats in recent weeks. He reported them to the authorities and requested protective measures for him and his family, but whether any protective measures were taken is unknown.

Chan Dzib was a correspondent for several print media, and he was a police reporter for the digital media Playa News.

Statement from the PEN Centers of Mexico:

The journalist José Guadalupe Chan Dzib was murdered with a firearm on June 29, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The 35-year-old reporter was writing for the digital weekly Playa News Aquí y Ahora, where he covered police issues. He also collaborated with other local media.

According to freedom of expression organizations in Mexico, the motive of the murder is still unknown, however, local media reported that Chan Dzib “had received threats in recent weeks, which he reported to the authorities and had requested protection measures for He and his family.”

The reporter from Quintana Roo is the sixth assassinated in Mexico in 2018, a terrible situation that once again points to the insecurity, violence and risks that journalists face in our country.

The PEN Centers in Mexico join the strong call of the various organizations in the country to demand the clarification of this murder, as well as the protection of the reporter’s relatives, and, above all, to end the violence and harassment against of journalists.

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