Expreso, Ciudad Victoria, TAM

Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

On December 20, 2018, at 3:30 PM, an Oxxo styrofoam cooler was left in the parking lot in front of the office of Expreso, a newspaper in Ciudad Victoria, TAM. The cooler contained a severed head and hands of an unknown male person. It was accompanied by a threatening message directed at local journalists.

The message was not directed at a specific news outlet or reporter. It said, “To the newspapers allied with the government of Cabeza de Vaca by multimillion contracts, they will not save you and this is proof. Continue to be quiet so you can watch. The beef is not with you. Understand.”

Expreso and its staff had not recently received threats and the last violent attack was in 2012, when unknown individuals attacked the office with explosives. The newspaper regularly reports on local and state politics, including recent articles on Governor Cabeza de Vaca.

Story from the Committee to Protect Journalists: Severed human head and threat left outside Tamaulipas newspaper office

Spanish language story from Expreso: peran mecanismos de protección para EXPRESO

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