Viétnika Batres

Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

Viétnika Batres is a victim of death threats and identity theft. Two of her email accounts were compromised. The people who cracked her accounts told her not to write any more stories, and sent messages using her email address containing death threats against family members, with their home addresses.

Batres is the director of the Mexico City office of El Sur de Acapulco. In recent months, her beat has been the 50th anniversary of the massacre of students in Tlatlelolco, Mexico City. Video: #Impacto: 50 años de la masacre de Tlatlelolco

El Sur de Acapulco was hit by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack at the same time, apparently unrelated.

Spanish-language story by Article 19: Personas desconocidas amenazan de muerte a periodista suplantando su propia identidad

Hard-hitting Spanish-language editorial from El Sur de Acapulco: Investigar las amenazas contra Viétnika Batres


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