Gaby “Chispita” Rasgado reported on April 3, 2019, that she had received death and rape threats through her social media accounts. She accused personnel of the Veracruz state government of being responsible for them. According to her, they are unhappy with her coverage of hearings regarding Carlota Zamudio, who is accused of ordering disappearances of people. She was also a target of threats from a lawyer for Arturo Nicolás Baltazar, former Attorney General of Veracruz, in 2018. She has said, “they will not silence me.”

Rasgado is a free-lance reporter for Diario del Istmo TV and the Associated Press. In 2014, she received an award, “Faces of Discrimination”, from the National Commission for Human Rights and the National Council for the Prevention of discrimination of Discrimination for a series of local news reports on “traffic of migrants”.

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