Sonoran Journalist is Ninth Killed this Year

by Andrew V. Goodell

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

Journalist Jesús Alfonso Piñuelas was shot and killed in the Ciudad Obregón suburb of Cajeme in Mexico’s northwest state of Sonora about 10 p.m. on November 2. While traveling on his motorcycle, he was shot multiple times. Piñuelas’s murder comes just four days after the murder in Chihuahua of journalist Arturo Alba Medina.

Mr. Piñuelas was also known as “El Norris” and worked for Televisora del Pacífico and Agencia ICE of Cajeme, as well as maintaining his own Facebook news sites, Japm Shok Norris and Zarathustra Prensa “El Shok de la Noticia,” and a YouTube channel. According to the Public Ministry, he had also been a cameraman, a private security agent and a fast-food delivery man.

Sonora’s Attorney’s General Office (FGJE) began following multiple lines of investigation. The FGJE, in conjunction with the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC), was able to make the arrest of Francisco Bernardo “N”, alias El “Foca”, on the afternoon of November 7. The accused is also the subject of an investigation of another local murder. The FGJE issued a statement via Facebook regarding the arrest.

No motive for the crime has been released.

On October 30, Mr. Piñuelas had posted news via his Japm Shok Norris Facebook account concerning local violence in Cajeme. He released information about a double execution in the area, as well as the location of bodies in a Ciudad Obregón property.

Piñuelas is the third journalist murdered in Cajeme so far this year and the 11th in Sonora since 2000. While according to Wikipedia’s page documenting journalists and media workers killed in Mexico, he becomes the ninth in Mexico so far this year.


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Infobae, in Spanish: Journalist Jesús Alfonso Piñuelas was killed in Cajeme, Sonora

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