Journalists and writers who are critical with power are blocked and harassed by the police

Translated by Alessandro Zagato

Radio Universidad suspends programs that criticize the government

On the 6 of April 2021, it was announced that Radio Universidad -one of the first radio stations of the Central American University (UCA)- would become a digital platform, and three of its government-critical programs would be shut down.

The programs Onda Local, Cuerpos Sin Vergüenzas de La Corriente y Café con Voz were supposedly suspended due to the remodeling of their equipment. These programs are critical with the government and have expressed their disappointment for losing such an important platform.

The Organization of Independent Journalists and Communicators of Nicaragua (PCIN) condemned the decision to change the radio structure in an election year. They argued that “More and more independent news outlets and media are threatened to close down due to economic asphyxia, legal pressure, because of mercenary and repressive laws, harassment, threats, and censorship”.

Block of news coverage

On the 9 of April 2021, a Police agent confiscated the mobile phone of Diario La Prensa journalist Carlos Larios, preventing him to cover the campaign of three presidential candidates, who were detained for several hours in the Managua International Airport as they were about to travel.

David Quintana

Meanwhile, David Quintana -director of the news outlet Ecological Bulletin- was denied an appeal on his case.  Quintana had been convicted for allegedly committing the crime of slander, and sentenced a 200-day fine (corresponding approximately to $384) by the Fifth Local Judge of Managua. Quintana has started a crowdfunding to be able to pay that fee.

Kalúa salazar

The organization of Independent Journalists and Communicators of Nicaragua (PCIN) denounced the increases surveillance and police harassment of  journalist Kalúa Salazar, press chief of Radio La Costeñísima, who lives in a siege condition attempting at intimidating her.

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