Repression is increasing in Nicaragua

April 20, 2021

This report on Nicaragua reflects a worrying upsurge intensification of repression and harassment against journalists – while the 18 April was the third anniversary of the spark of protests against the government.

Kalúa salazar

Kalúa Salazar, journalist and press director of Radio La Costeñísima in Bluefields, was harassed in the early morning of April 19 by the National Police, and prevented from leaving her house to go to work.

“As I was about to leave mu house, a police van prevented me to do so and a riot police hit me in front of my mother and my daughters,” denounced Salazar on Twitter.

She is the mother of two young girls. One of them had a panic attack as a result of the police aggression. In September 2020, the reporter was found guilty of the crime of slander, as a result of the publication of a journalistic note where she exposed cases of corruption involving government entities.

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The work of journalists is being prevented

On April 19, journalists from different media were attacked and besieged for several hours by the police, preventing them to cover a protest in the city of Managua.

Reporters were besieged and intimidated during press conference

On April 16, several Nicaraguan journalists were harassed, besieged and intimidated while covering a press conference. Among the threatened journalists there were David Quintana from Boletín Ecológico, José Abraham Sánchez from Channel 10, Marcos Medina from Channel 12, and Noel Miranda from Article66.

Journalist Alberto Miranda was threatened

On April 5, LiteralNi reporter Alberto Miranda was threatened by policemen and thugs, while covering a popular protest in the capital of Managua. Miranda invited to stop reporting on the protest and warned that he is under surveillance.

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