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Víctor Manuel Jiménez, a reporter at Rotativo Digital Guanajuato – another local news outlet – left home on 1 November to attend a baseball game in the city of Celaya and never returned.

Benjamín Morales Hernández, founder of the Noticias Xonoidag site, in Sonoyta, Sonora, on May 3. Mexican journalist Benjamín Morales Hernández was killed on Monday by unidentified persons in the town of Sonoyta, in the northwestern state of Sonora.  The body of the journalist, director of the Xonoidag news portal, was found with several gunshot wounds in an area bordering the town of Caborca, as reported by the Mexican newspaper ‘El Universal’. Caborca, Sonora. Benjamín Morales Hernández, a Sonoran journalist for Noticias Xonoidag, was found dead with a message – which has not been released – in the vicinity of ejido Morelia, located north of the Sonora desert.

His body showed several bullet wounds and his vehicle, with the engine still running, was located a few meters away from the journalist’s dead body.

Agents of the Municipal Police reported that the lifeless body of Benjamín Morales Hernández was located at kilometer 167 of the Sonoyta-Caborca ​​highway. The events took place around 01:55 on Monday, May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day.

The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office (FGJES) confirmed the location of the reporter who had been kidnapped since Sunday, May 2nd, and who received death threats a couple of days before.



Felipe Enrique García García, a former public radio journalist who had recently got involved in politics, was found shot dead June 16 in Metepec, a municipality 50 km west of the centre of Mexico City, after being reported missing the previous evening.



Gustavo Sánchez Cabrera, director of the digital medium Noticias Minuto a Minuto and Panorama Pacífico TV , in Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, was shot by gunmen morning June 17 while riding a motorcycle with his son near Morro de Mazatán, a Pacific coast locality. Gustavo Sánchez Cabrera had repeatedly reported being threatened and was waiting to receive protection from the federal authorities. A specialist in covering local politics, crime and court cases, he knew another attack against him was imminent and he feared for his life.



Saúl Tijerina Rentería, independent journalist and photojournalist, contributor to Noticias en la Web, La Voz, and Police Acuña, in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, on June 22; The family of Saúl Tijerina Rentería lost contact with him early in the morning of June 22, 2021, and his body was found near his vehicle in Ciudad Acuña, in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, later that morning with multiple stab wounds.

Tijerina worked at a local factory and as a drone camera operator, and he provided footage to the Facebook-based news outlets La Policiaca and Noticias en la Web, according to those reports.

Tijerina had worked for La Policiaca for about six months, and provided drone footage of news events and occasionally standard camera photography. The editor of Noticias en la Web, who asked not to be named out of fear for their safety, told CPJ that Tijerina had provided similar services for that outlet for about 10 months.



Abraham Mendoza, host of the informational program Observatorio on the station of the Universidad Vasco de Quiroga, Uve Radio, in Morelia, Michoacán, was shot to death Monday, July 19th as he left a gym on Avenida Madero Poniente in Morelia, Michoacán.


Ricardo Domínguez López,  the founder and editor of news website InfoGuaymas in Guaymas, Sonora was shot and killed in the late afternoon on July 22, 2021, his 47th birthday, by an unknown assailant using a .38 caliber handgun in a parking lot of a convenience store in the city of Guaymas, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. 


Jacinto Romero Flores, host of Ori Stereo and of the Radio Ixtac Online program, was assassinated on August 19 in the municipality of Ixtaczoquitlán, State of Veracruz. Armed subjects shot him several times when he was driving in his vehicle. The journalist, who covered political, social and police information, had received threats related to his journalistic work, his son confirmed.


Manuel González Reyes had just finished having lunch in the Patios de la Estación district of Cuernavaca on the afternoon of 28 September when he was gunned down by two men on a motorcycle, who immediately drove off. He died on the spot.

 González covered local news, especially business, politics and crime, for PM Noticias de Morelos, a Facebook news page he founded in 2017. He was the Bienestar Ciudadano party’s candidate for recently covered several local murders and shooting attacks.



Two other journalists, Jorge Molontzin Centlal  and Felipe Romero Chávez, have been missing since March.

We pray that they live, and are safe.

Fredy López had a long career in journalism, starting as a reporter in Chiapas at 21.

A veteran journalist was shot and killed in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, on Thursday, becoming the ninth journalist to be murdered in Mexico this year.

A lone gunman shot Fredy López Arévalo, a former Central America correspondent for the newspapers El Universal and El Financiero, at the door of his home at approximately 8:00 p.m. The aggressor subsequently fled on a motorcycle.

The 57-year-old journalist, a Chiapas native who was the editor of a local magazine and a radio presenter before his death, returned to San Cristóbal with his wife and children on Thursday evening after celebrating his mother’s birthday in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. The Chiapas Attorney General’s Office said Friday that police and forensic experts attended the scene of the crime and found the lifeless body of López, who suffered a single gunshot wound.

“The state Attorney General’s Office regrets this reprehensible act and affirms its commitment to continuing with the investigations until the facts are clarified,” it said.

Chiapas Governor Rutilio Escandón condemned “the cowardly murder” and pledged that it won’t go unpunished.

“Investigations are underway. My solidarity with his family and friends,” he wrote on Twitter.

López had a long career in journalism, starting as a newspaper reporter in Chiapas at the age of 21. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he covered events in Central America including the first International Conference on Central American Refugees in Guatemala City in 1989 and the defeat of Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas at the 1990 general election in Nicaragua.

López also reported on monumental events in Mexico such as the 1985 Mexico City earthquake and the 1994 Zapatista uprising in Chiapas.

His killing followed the murders earlier this year of the journalists Benjamín Morales Hernández in Sonora, Gustavo Sánchez in Oaxaca, Enrique García in México state, Saúl Tijerina in Coahuila, Abraham Mendoza in Michoacán, Ricardo López in Sonora, Jacinto Romero in Veracruz and Manuel González in Morelos.

At least eight journalists were killed in Mexico last year, which made the country the most dangerous in the world for journalists, according to Reporters Without Borders.

In the first half of 2021, individuals and companies in the Mexican media were victims of 362 acts of aggression, according to the press freedom advocacy organization Article 19.

The federal government has faced criticism for not doing enough to protect journalists from the threat of violence, while President López Obrador has been accused of inciting violence via his frequent attacks on the press

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