• W.D. and Kathleen Snodgrass

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    Fiction of Hortense Calisher coverThe Fiction of Hortense Calisher

    The first book-length critical study of the works of Hortense Calisher (1911-2009). Kathleen Snodgrass explores the theme and its variations that have permeated Calisher’s complex and stylistically experimental work.
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  • Dr. Linda Sonna

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    Tortillas and Peanut Butter coverTortillas & Peanut Butter: True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler

    The story of a mother of four who in the 1960’s decides to leave her unhappy marriage and move to Mexico with her children. With very little money and no profession, she is able to make a life for herself and her children using her wits and more then a little bit of humor.


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  • Sharon Steeber

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    The Jews coverThe Jews

    The Jews is the saga of the Luminovs, of their achievements and their heritage, and of the nation they helped build over three generations: Zavel & Marya, fleeing from Russian programs, come to America, not knowing or understanding the test that awaits them; Daniel & Alma, forbidden to marry, their hopes shattered by the bitter hatred of their parents, they learn the cost of rebellion, and pledge their lives with a bond more sacred than marriage. Sadie & Christopher-she a flapper in the Jazz Age, he heir to the Harrington fortune, they have everything they want, but they live in a nation that envies their wealthy and pays with violence. David & Zosa, fiercely loyal to each other, clinging to their transcendent ambitions. Continue Reading »

  • Margaret J. Tallis

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    The Known coverThe Known: A Canadian Woman’s Experience with Witchcraft in Mexico

    Mexican culture has a dark underbelly that most expatriates—even those who have lived in Mexico for many years—never glimpse. We love the color and music, the hospitality, the religious processions, and the ever-present sense of fiesta but never see what lies beneath this very ancient culture. But Margaret Tallis has seen it. She has lived it.


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  • Moisés Zamora

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    Susurros bajo el agua coverSusurros bajo el agua

    Susurros bajo el agua es como una canción que, entre el lamento y el gozo por la vida, entre la memoria y la esperanza, expresa hasta los últimos secretos de un joven que busca encontrar un sentido a la existencia. Los amores con otros jóvenes, el contacto con la poesía, la lectura obsesiva, el dolor de la pérdida de amor en el mundo son la tónica de esta novela.

    Premios/Prizes: Premio Binacional de Novela de Frontera de Palabras/Border of Words 2004, Finalista al Premio Opera Prima de Nuevos Narradores
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