• San Miguel PEN presents Christine Wade

    San Miguel PEN presents Christine Wade

    News and Commentary

    Christine Wade spoke at the third PEN conference of 2015 on Jan 27th.

    Revolutions are fought, constitutions are crafted, countries are founded, and Christine’s fascinating talk tries to answer important questions: who wins? whose history do we remember and study today?

    Not ordinary folks, not women, not the indigenous, not the enslaved, not the poor. So how can we know the stories of those who don’t win?

    Drawing examples from American history and beyond, Christine Wade explains why these stories are important and how she managed to discover and research untold stories to write her book Seven Locks. Continue Reading »

  • It’s Midnight in Mexico with Alfredo Corchado and Angela Kocherga

    News and Commentary

    Alfredo CochardoAlfredo Corchado and Angela Kocherga were the protagonists of the second talk in the PEN series which took place on Jan 20th, 2015. You can listen to the full lecture here.

    Alfredo Corchado is the Mexican Bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News, where he has worked for over 20 years. Earlier, he reported for various news organizations including the Wall Street Journal. He was a 2010 Woodrow Wilson Center scholar in Washington and a 2011 visiting fellow at David Rockefeller Center at Harvard.

    Corchado is best known for his non-fiction book, Midnight in Mexico. The book delves into the drug war and its intimidating and sometimes fatal impact on journalists. Continue Reading »

  • C.M. Mayo talks about Madero at the first PEN lecture of 2015

    News and Commentary

    On Jan 13th, C.M. Mayo inaugurated this year’s series of lectures organised by PEN International San Miguel Center. You can listen to the full talk here.

    C.M. Mayo

    C.M. Mayo talked about her new book called Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual (Dancing Chiva, 2014).

    The book includes Mayo’s translation of Madero’s Manual espírita, and is also available in Spanish, translated by noted Mexican novelist and poet Agustín Cadena as Odisea metafísica hacia la revolución Mexicana, (Literal Publishing, 2014), together with a transcript of the original Manual espírita. Continue Reading »

  • Karla Silva

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Karla SilvaKarla Silva, reporter for El Heraldo de Leon, was left under her desk bathed in blood on the afternoon of September 4, 2014. Since then, various arrests have been made, including the mayor of Silao, Guanajuato who is accused of ordering the beating of the young journalist. The attack came shortly after Silva published a story critical of the mayor. Three men were also arrested for the actual beating. Since then, all the suspects have been released and Karla still awaits justice, according to an article in La Jornada on March 14, 2016. Continue Reading »

  • James Cervantes

    Our Books

    In Like Company coverIn Like Company: The Salt River Review & Porch Anthology

    In Like Company (327 pages) is a selection of poetry and prose taken from Porch, a print magazine (1977–1981), and The Salt River Review, an online magazine (1997–2010), both of which were founded and edited by James Cervantes. It features the work of ninety-three poets and fiction writers representing over two dozen countries, including numerous new translations. Continue Reading »

  • Tony Cohan

    Our Books

    Native State coverNative State: A Memoir

    A Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year. “An exemplary memoir that starts with ‘California as suspect, ersatz Eden, needful of unmasking’ and opens out into the rest of the world.” – Seattle Weekly. Continue Reading »

  • Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

    Our Books

    Away She Goes coverAway She Goes!: Riding Into Women’s History

    Most people take it for granted: riding a bike. In the late 1800s, the bicycle first came to the United States from Europe. This new “steel horse” was wildly popular. But for women, who either worked in factories or stayed at home, the bicycle liberated them like nothing ever has. One two-wheeled invention changed fashion, opened doors, and led to a movement in women’s rights still felt today. Continue Reading »

  • Christopher Cook

    Our Books

    Cloven Tongues of Fire coverCloven Tongues of Fire

    A spiritual story, a religious story, a love story. This novella is all three in one. It’s the story of a man, Nathan Tillery, who sets out to seek salvation… and runs into a wall. It’s the story of his loving wife, Emma Jean, who keeps faith with both to her husband and her beliefs… though even she begins to entertain doubts. This beautifully crafted novella builds on themes similar to those explored in the author’s earlier award-winning book Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories. Continue Reading »

  • Alice Denham

    Our Books

    Amo coverAmo

    Black humor science fiction satire in which Amo is a feminist centerfold from outer space sent to earth to teach earthmen equality.  “The most sexually vivid novel ever written by a woman.” -David Markson.  “A women’s liberation classic.”-Library Journal Continue Reading »

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