Arbitrary arrests and trials of journalists are taking place

May 11, 2021 The story of two harassed reporters who are facing arbitrary trials shows how the Nicaraguan government is increasing repressive measures against the media, journalists and writers expressing critical positions. Reporter arrested in northern region of Nicaragua The Human Rights Collective Nicaragua Nunca Más is based in Costa Rica and condemned the arbitraryContinue reading “Arbitrary arrests and trials of journalists are taking place”

Detenciones y juicios arbitrarios a periodistas

11 de mayo de 2021 La historia de dos reporteros que son acosados o enfrentan juicios arbitrarios, muestra cómo el gobierno de Nicaragua está incrementando las medidas represivas en contra de medios, periodistas y escritores críticos con el poder Detienen a reportero en región norte de Nicaragua El Colectivo de Derechos Humanos Nicaragua Nunca Más,Continue reading “Detenciones y juicios arbitrarios a periodistas”

Nicaragua: Two Chamorros Offer their Experiences

by Lucina Kathmann On Friday April 23, as the final event of the midyear conference of  the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa/Inter-American Press Association [SIP-IAPA] , a panel about Nicaragua included Cristiana Chamorro, journalist and founder of the Fundación Violeta Chamorro Barrios, now a precandidate for the presidency of Nicaragua; and Carlos Fernando Chamorro, editor ofContinue reading “Nicaragua: Two Chamorros Offer their Experiences”

Nicaragua: Dos Chamorros ofrecen sus experiencias

Por Lucina Kathmann El viernes 23 de abril, como evento final de la conferencia de mitad de año de Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa/Inter-American Press Association [SIP-IAPA], se llevó a cabo un panel sobre Nicaragua. El evento contó con la presencia de Cristiana Chamorro, periodista y fundadora de la Fundación Violeta Chamorro Barrios, ahora precandidata aContinue reading “Nicaragua: Dos Chamorros ofrecen sus experiencias”

Repression is increasing in Nicaragua

April 20, 2021 This report on Nicaragua reflects a worrying upsurge intensification of repression and harassment against journalists – while the 18 April was the third anniversary of the spark of protests against the government. Kalúa salazar Kalúa Salazar, journalist and press director of Radio La Costeñísima in Bluefields, was harassed in the early morningContinue reading “Repression is increasing in Nicaragua”

Aumenta la represión

20 de abril de 2021 El siguiente reporte de información sobre Nicaragua refleja un preocupante aumento de la represión y acoso a periodistas, mientras que el 18 de abril de 2021 se conmemoró el tercer aniversario del inicio de las protestas contra el gobierno nicaragüense. Imagen de Managua en abril de 2018 Kalúa Salazar La periodista yContinue reading “Aumenta la represión”

Resolution on Nicaragua condemns repression; reporters under legal harassment

Journalists under legal and criminal harassment: Kalúa Salazar and David Quintana On 22 March 2021, Kalúa Salazar, journalist and press chief of Radio La Costeñísima, denounced that at least ten agents of the Special Operations Directorate Police (DOEP) besieged her home located in the Beholden neighborhood of Bluefields, in the Nicaraguan Caribbean, where she was staying withContinue reading “Resolution on Nicaragua condemns repression; reporters under legal harassment”