• James Cervantes

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    In Like Company coverIn Like Company: The Salt River Review & Porch Anthology

    In Like Company (327 pages) is a selection of poetry and prose taken from Porch, a print magazine (1977–1981), and The Salt River Review, an online magazine (1997–2010), both of which were founded and edited by James Cervantes. It features the work of ninety-three poets and fiction writers representing over two dozen countries, including numerous new translations. Continue Reading »

  • Tony Cohan

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    Native State coverNative State: A Memoir

    A Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year. “An exemplary memoir that starts with ‘California as suspect, ersatz Eden, needful of unmasking’ and opens out into the rest of the world.” – Seattle Weekly. Continue Reading »

  • Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

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    Away She Goes coverAway She Goes!: Riding Into Women’s History

    Most people take it for granted: riding a bike. In the late 1800s, the bicycle first came to the United States from Europe. This new “steel horse” was wildly popular. But for women, who either worked in factories or stayed at home, the bicycle liberated them like nothing ever has. One two-wheeled invention changed fashion, opened doors, and led to a movement in women’s rights still felt today. Continue Reading »

  • Christopher Cook

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    Cloven Tongues of Fire coverCloven Tongues of Fire

    A spiritual story, a religious story, a love story. This novella is all three in one. It’s the story of a man, Nathan Tillery, who sets out to seek salvation… and runs into a wall. It’s the story of his loving wife, Emma Jean, who keeps faith with both to her husband and her beliefs… though even she begins to entertain doubts. This beautifully crafted novella builds on themes similar to those explored in the author’s earlier award-winning book Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories. Continue Reading »

  • Alice Denham

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    Amo coverAmo

    Black humor science fiction satire in which Amo is a feminist centerfold from outer space sent to earth to teach earthmen equality.  “The most sexually vivid novel ever written by a woman.” -David Markson.  “A women’s liberation classic.”-Library Journal Continue Reading »

  • Patricia Browne Hirschl

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    Winter Bloom coverWinter Bloom: A Heart Warms in San Miguel

    “In well-crafted narrative that deftly weaves present and past, Patricia Browne Hirschlshares her experience in a convention-bound, gender-scripted marriage over forty years. … the reader learns the devastating costs for women of traditional marriage and motherhood and the layers of self-deception that are required to repress their realization that life’s true taste is eluding them.”

    Dr. Sharon Leder, Author of The Language of Exclusion: The Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti (with Andrea Abbott)


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  • Lucina Kathmann

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    Private Spaces, Public Places: a woman at home in the world

    A collection of 20 plus essays finding the author, Lucina Kathmann in widely varied roles and spaces; mothering six adopted orphans in her home in the center of Mexico; tutoring middle school math students in Chicago, creating a story about a backward jumping kangaroo to explain the number line; sampling sheep’s brains as the honored guest of the Kurdish PEN chapter, traveling the world as a Vice-President of PEN International, always encouraging women writers working at great odds to make their voices heard.
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  • Patricia Juana Merrill Márquez

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    Buen Provecho Book coverThe Buen Provecho Book: Capturing the spice of Mexico through Popular Food and Sayings

    Sui generis… Mexican cooking and culture through Spanish language Mexican food expressions. This book is not only about recipes. The Buen Provecho Book is also about the psyche of the Mexicans, and about understanding that essential nature through their food and their cooking. What is presented comes from the voice of the people, and is offered as light reading for the purpose of amusement, as well as for learning.


    GET IT AT: www.thebuenprovechobook.com

  • Gustáv Murín

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    The World Is Small coverThe World Is Small

    A collection of stories, in English and Slovak, from Belarus, Germany, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, USA, and Slovakia.


    GET IT AT: Martinus.sk, Panta Rhei, or Pravda.sk

    French/Slovak version (Le Monde est petit): Amazon

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