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Sandra Cisneros receriving the National Medal of Arts from President ObamaSan Miguel Pen Turns Out To supportsolidarity with the victims of the attack in the office of Charlie Hebdomagazine in FranceAt Tardeada de Poesía y Danza on November 29, 2014, Company on the Bellas Artes stageAt the Book Fair: Lucina KathmannAt the Book Fair: Elizabeth Starcevic with Book Fair organizer, Margaret TallisAt the Book Fair: Elizabeth StarcevicElizabeth Starcevic, Cazz Roberts and her mother, Rita Gracián, Cazz's daughter, Margaret Tallis, Pat HirschlRita Gracián (PEN Guadalajara), Lucina Kathmann ( San Miguel PEN), Alice Quiñones (PEN México), Aline Davidoff (PEN México), Rose Mary Espinoza (PEN México). Victor Sahuatoba, Elizabeth Starcevic (San Miguel PEN), photo by Emilio GraciánAt the Book Fair: Laura Juliet WoodPat Hirschl, Dick and Deb Stein, Rita Gracián, standingTony CohanPat HirschlWim Coleman and Pat Perrin at Farewell PartyAt the Book Fair: Lucina Kathmann and James CervantesRochelle Cashdan and Bob Broughton, PEN table, Cervantino Festival, GuanajuatoGuanajuatoSandra Ciisneros signing booksLaura di Guiseppe, San Miguel Socila Media Coordinator with Victor Sahuatoba and Lucina KathmannAndrea Casson, Anna Blume, Lucina Kathmann, James Cascaito, New YorkSandra Cisneros and Patricia Merrill MarquezLucina Kathmann and Jean Airey, Englewood, FL, Indian Mound ParkRochelle Cashdan and Lucina Kathmann, PEN table, Cervantino, GuanajuatoPEN International President Jennifer Clement, and the 2015 Congress in Quebec CityVíctor Sahuatoba, Patricia Merrill Márquez, Martha Cerda, Lucina Kathmann, Jorge OrendáinOso Azul, January 2017. L-R: Eduardo Daher, Pat Hirscl, Dick Stein, Debbie Stein, Lucina Kathmann, Moisés Zamora, Negar AliabadiMoisés Zamora at Vívali's, with Bob Broughton, Lucina Kathmann, Elizabeth StarcevicMoisés Zamora, PEN Lecture, Jan. 10, 2017Signe Hammer, Moisés Zamora, Pat HirschlElizabeth Starcevic and Moisés ZamoraWriters Resist event, January 15, 2017: Elizabeth Starcevic, Signe Hammer, Dick Stein, Debbie Stein, Lucina KathmannWriters Resist event, January 15, 2017: Judith Jenya, Sandra Cisneros, Mark Johannesmeir, Mamie SpiegelDavid Lida, PEN Lecture, Jan. 31, 2017David Lida, PEN Lecture, Jan. 31, 2017Victor Sahuatoba, Lucina Kathmann, Carlos Anaya Rosique, Patricia GuerraLuis Chávez, Victor SahuatobaLuis Chávez, Ulises González, Esteffan MartínezEsteffan MartínezErika Badillo CastilloGuadalajara and San Miguel PEN Centers. L-R: Karla Medrano, Daniel Rodríguez, Elizabeth Starcevic, Patricia Carrillo, Lucina KathmannGuadalajara and San Miguel PEN Centers. L-R: Lucina Kathmann, Daniel Rodríguez, Olivia Zybine, Luis Mario Cerda, Elizabeth Starcevic, Patricia CarrilloPEN table at the San Miguel Literary ConferenceAfter PIWWC 2017 PEN lecture. L-R: Lucina Kathmann, Pat Hirschl, Marian Botsford-Fraser, Jennifer Clement, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Rita Gracián, Galen Williams, Judith JenyaJorge RamosJorge ramos, Sandra Cisneros


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