• Maximino Rodríguez Palacios

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Maximinio Rodríguez Palacios was gunned down at noon on April 14, 2017 outside City Club, a store in La Paz, BCS. He had just entered the parking lot with his wife when assassins pulled up in a pickup truck and opened fire on the 73-year old reporter with high powered rifles.

    Rodríguez was a crime reporter for Colecivo Pericú and former Head of Media Relations for the State Attorney General’s Office. Continue Reading »

  • Julio Omar Gómez

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Julio Omar Gómez was attacked by a gunman in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, on the morning of March 28, 2017. He was unhurt, but his bodyguard (unnamed at this time) was killed.

    Gómez worked for the online news site Noticias 911. He covered politics and recent assassinations in Los Cabos. He had recently announced his retirement because of two previous incidents where his house and vehicles were torched.

    Spanish-language story in Proceso: Atacan a periodista en Los Cabos; muere su escolta


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