• Rodolfo García González

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Rodolfo “El Nonis” García González was shot and killed while mounting his motorcycle in Valle de Santiago, GTO, at 6 PM on August 5, 2018.

    García González was a photographer and collaborator with local media, including Semanario Dia 7 and Nuevo Milenio. One of his topics was disappearances of women. The motive for his murder is unknown.

    García González’ Facebook page

    Spanish-language story from Publimetro: Asesinan de varios disparos a periodista en Guanajuato

    Spanish-language story from Periodico Correo: Asesinan a fotógrafo en Valle de Santiago

  • Nicanor Garrido

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    On November 24, 2017, at 5 PM, Nicanor Garrido was attacked by two men who tossed molotov cocktails, causing fires in his van and his house in León, GTO.

    Garrido has been attacked earlier, on September 30, while covering a crime scene; the attackers broke his camera equipment.

    Garrido is a photographer for El Heraldo de Leon; his beat is San Francisco del Rincón. Continue Reading »

  • Juan Carlos Hernández Ríos

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Juan Carlos Hernández Ríos was murdered as he left his home in Yuriria, GTO, by two men dressed in black and carrying large-caliber weapons.

    Hernández Ríos was a photographer and editorial assistant for the on-line publication La Bandera Noticias, and supplemented his income by driving a taxi. La Bandera Noticias had stepped up its coverage of corruption in the municipal government and police in Yuriria. Hernández Rios had very recently published the security video of a shootout in Apaseo el Alto that killed seven, including four police. Continue Reading »

  • Karla Silva

    Mexico´s Endangered Journalists

    Karla SilvaKarla Silva, reporter for El Heraldo de Leon, was left under her desk bathed in blood on the afternoon of September 4, 2014. Since then, various arrests have been made, including the mayor of Silao, Guanajuato who is accused of ordering the beating of the young journalist. The attack came shortly after Silva published a story critical of the mayor. Three men were also arrested for the actual beating. Since then, all the suspects have been released and Karla still awaits justice, according to an article in La Jornada on March 14, 2016. Continue Reading »

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