Edgar Alberto Nava López

Edgar Alberto Nava López was killed with bullets from a 9 mm. firearm in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero at 10 AM on August 2, 2019. He was killed as he left an activity for children at the Playa Principal organized by Zihuatanejo’s city council. Nava López was the director of regulations for the Zihuatanejo municipal government. HeContinue reading “Edgar Alberto Nava López”

Leslie Ann Pamela Montenegro

Leslie Ann Pamela Montenegro, more commonly known as “Nana Pelucas”, was murdered by two gunmen at a restaurant in the “Golden Zone” of Acapulco on February 5, 2018. The prosecutor for the State of Guerrero, Xavier Olea, has indicated that the murderer is a local official connected to a criminal gang led by led byContinue reading “Leslie Ann Pamela Montenegro”

Bernardino Hernández

Bernardino Hernández was severely beaten by Guerrero State Police in La Concepción, GR on January 7, 2018, and his cameras and memory sticks were stolen. At the time, he was covering violent clashes between police and soldiers and members of an autodefensa force. Athough he identified himself as a journalist, the policemen shouted that they didn’tContinue reading “Bernardino Hernández”