Lucina Kathmann

Private Spaces, Public Places: a woman at home in the world

A collection of 20 plus essays finding the author, Lucina Kathmann in widely varied roles and spaces; mothering six adopted orphans in her home in the center of Mexico; tutoring middle school math students in Chicago, creating a story about a backward jumping kangaroo to explain the number line; sampling sheep’s brains as the honored guest of the Kurdish PEN chapter, traveling the world as a Vice-President of PEN International, always encouraging women writers working at great odds to make their voices heard.

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Espacios Privados, Lugares Públicos

This is the Spanish version of Private Spaces, Public Places. It’s a collection of essays, articles and stories from experiences around the globe.

Colección de ensayos, artículos y cuentos de experiences en todo el mundo. La autora es una Vicepresidenta Internacional del PEN Internacional, también madre de 8 niños, seis de los cuales adoptados cuando su madre murió.

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A Forest of Mathematics

Third edition of a math text for 5th 6th and 7th grade level, (negative numbers, exponents, fractions, decimals, percents, Cartesian coordinates) presented in the form of stories from the everyday life of some animal characters (negative numbers, exponents, scientific notation, fractions, decimals, percents, Cartesian coordinates — and one human being — who live in a forest somewhere in Mexico. Exercises and answers with every unit. Good for students, parents and teachers alike.

Math in short stories

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Payshapes and the Bear coverPayshapes and the Bear (Péxeps y el Oso)

Somewhere in Latin America, a man named Payshapes (Péxeps in Spanish) lives in the deep forest. He and his best friend Bear (who is a bear) have many lighthearted adventures with a recurring cast of characters including a few dragons. Written for children, Payshapes and the Bear is a story that appeals to all ages.

Short stories for children, bilingual English/Spanish, facing pages

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