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A Nation's Progress coverOne Woman’s Journey: A Nation´s Progress (Peggy Roach)

A Nation’s Progress tells the story of the activities of Peggy Roach a leader in Chicago and USA civil rights movement.  The book focuses on the projects of Peggy during the 1960’s from the corridors of power in Washington D.C. to the actions of the Contract Buyers’ League on the streets of Chicago to the homes of Black families in Mississippi.  Peggy Roach demonstrates in her life and person the best in the USA and Catholic traditions of social justice.


GET IT AT: Available for free by the generosity of the Ann Ida Gannon Center for Women and Leadership at Loyola University Chicago.

An Uncertain Hour coverAn Uncertain Hour

Full-length play about Primo Levi, the Italian Jewish writer and chemist, who survived the Holocaust by his faith in justice and belief in the power of art.


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The Defiant Muse coverThe Defiant Muse

Full-length play about the life and work of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, the 17th century Mexican nun, one of the all-time greatest writers in the Spanish language, who became part of the court of the Viceroy of New Spain. Famous for her defense of the equality of women, she was ultimatedly silenced by censorship.


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Fhe Fifth Sun coverThe Fifth Sun

Full-length play about Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was assassinated while saying mass in 1980 by paramilitary forces. Combining tomb rituals, Maya temple dramas and medieval morality plays, The Fifth Sun shows a human being growing to embody the moral voice of his people.


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The Hiroshima Project coverThe Radiance of a Thousand Suns: The Hiroshima Project

Full-length play with music weaving together three separate stories about the making and first use of the atomic bomb.


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Nick PatriccaNicholas A. Patricca (poet, playwright, essayist) is professor emeritus at Loyola University Chicago; playwright emeritus at Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago; ensemble member, TOSOS Theatre Collective, New York City. Nick holds a Ph.D. (1972) from the University of Chicago in the field of Christian Theology, is an active member of the Dramatists Guild, president of Chicago Network for Justice and Peace, a member of the Writers in Prison Committee of the San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Chapter of PEN International, and a featured columnist at Windy City Times, Chicago. Nick is a recipient of numerous awards, the two most recent literary awards are: ‘The Oscar Wilde Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Work for the Theatre,’ Dublin, Ireland, May 2006, for his play Oh, Holy Allen Ginsberg; and an ‘Alexander S. Onassis Distinction Prize’ in the III International Cultural Competition for his play The Defiant Muse, Athens, Greece, August 2006. Nick’s plays and performance poetry, which have been produced internationally as well as throughout the USA, are translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese, and are published by the Dramatic Publishing Company (USA, England, Australia, New Zealand).