Tony Cohan

Native State coverNative State: A Memoir

A Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year. “An exemplary memoir that starts with ‘California as suspect, ersatz Eden, needful of unmasking’ and opens out into the rest of the world.” – Seattle Weekly. “Tony Cohan’s unflinching eye flashes honesty and illumination onto a tumultuous past.” – Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars With Boys. “Wry and witty, elegant and evocative, crackling with sexual adventure and sly good humor.” – Jonathan Kirsch, author of The Harlot by the Side of the Road.


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Mexican Days cover

Mexican Days: Journeys Into the Heart of Mexico

“The phrase ‘magical travel realism’ keeps springing to mind. Cohan can make a reader smell the orchids and coffee, feel the mist and shrouds of jungle fog. Mexican Days is a standout.” – Los Angeles Times. “An essential read for both Mexico aficionados and those contemplating a visit there.” – Library Journal. “It is this ability to surprise, to intrigue, and to enchant that Tony Cohan captures so well. Mexican Days takes American readers to a Mexico most of them know little about.” – The Christian Science Monitor


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On Mexican Time coverOn Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel

This best selling travel narrative, now in its 14th printing, was described by the Denver Post as “Terribly seductive – an enticing and intoxicating vision of Mexico.” “Gets to the heart of a country remarkably difficult to penetrate.” – London Times Literary Supplement. “What Peter Mayle has done for Provence, and Lawrence Durrell for Cyprus, Tony Cohan has now done for the lovely Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende.” – Pete Hamill. “Cohan describes life in Mexico as ‘intimate, voluptuous, sense-driven,’ a phrase that also describes On Mexican Time.” – Boston Sunday Globe.


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Canary coverCanary: A Novel

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year. “An engagingly realistic account of the recording milieu and other ‘hip’ sectors. The characters of Canary reveal warmth; even the assassins and chiselers have breakable hearts. The writers’ equivalent to what musicians used to call ‘soul’ is what makes this book sing.” – the Los Angeles Times. “Canary is immensely readable, knowledgeable about its field, full of action, yet sensitive and believable at the same time. A fine piece of work.” – The New York Times Book Review


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