A poem for Bill Pearlman

bill_pearlmanPEN International activist Bill Pearlman died near the end  of March 2016. Here is a poem written in his memory.














“Playing Catch”
by Christopher Cook
for Bill Pearlman

I threw a baseball today and it rolled away, stopped in the grass, forlorn,
Because Bill-Wild Bill, my baseball buddy-was not there to catch it.
And now who’ll sit across the table at Martin’s Café
And volley back my comment on this, or that?
And who will send me a poem, over the transom, just because?
And who will tell me that old story about Kesey’s clownwork?
Or invite me to the theater for Saturday’s matinee?
Who will now break this sudden silence?
Who will mend this sudden break?
I stride downfield to the ball, pick
it up, nest it in my palm,
Then take one step and heave it skyward, far over the treetops,
The clouds, past the sun.
I close my eyes against the glaring light.
I wait for him catch it.

(April 6, 2016)

One thought on “A poem for Bill Pearlman

  1. I collaborated with Bill on an e-book “If Only”; I published it and have a PDF to share in memory of my friend Bill, who I met in San Miguel de Allende. I’m wondering how I can make the e-book available so I can share Bill’s 15 quatrains he wrote and my 15 images on the often used phrase “if only.” This is a Link to the page on my site with a sample of “If Only!”. I can make the entire e-book available if anyone wishes to read Bill’s poems. See: http://www.salazargallery.com/e-books-revised/

    I’m a active member of PEN.

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