Hans Lawrence, journalist beaten by a mob of Ortega supporters, is hospitalized in an emergency ward

The director of the medium where Lawrence works is concerned for his health and laments the inaction of the police which despite abundant proof keeps silence about the crimes committed.

The journalist Hans Lawrence, who was brutally beaten by a crowd of Ortega supporters on March 3 while he was covering the memorial mass of the poet Ernesto Cardenal, was hospitalized again this Tuesday with an acute kidney failure.

Before being kicked and punched by fanatics sympathetic to Ortega he had no health symptoms, but after the beating the journalist vomited blood, could not stand unsupported and had to be hospitalized that same day to evaluate his condition.

At that time the exams seemed to show that he was well, but nonetheless, since March 3 Lawrence has not stopped vomiting blood, his blood pressure is high, and this Tuesday he had to be hospitalized urgently for more tests to find out what is happening with his kidneys. This situation could be a direct or a collateral effect of the abuse he suffered from Ortega sympathizers.

Jennifer Ortiz, director of Nicaragua Investiga, the medium for which he works, explained that Lawrence’s liver is functioning at 15% and it has not been possible to control his hypertension. They expect the results of various medical tests to understand his situation better.

And the police?

Along with Lawrence, the journalists David Quintana from Boletín Ecológico and Leonor Avila from La Prensa were robbed and attacked by the Sandinist mob, but Lawrence was the most injured.

A week after the crimes committed by members of Juventud Sandinista including robbery, physical injuries and aggression, as well as attacks on freedom of expression and information, the Ortega police have not investigated the case. In fact, they have started a process to look for those responsible even though there is already proof including videos and photos which show which individuals were hitting and robbing the journalists.

Ortiz says she is dismayed about Lawrence’s health, since they expected he would recover, when in fact he has gotten worse. “We don’t see any effort on the part of the authorities to investigate, nobody has been detained, there are images that show that a crime was committed, robbery and aggression, and there are images of the people who committed these crimes, and the police have done nothing to investigate because they have no interest,” she said.

The Comisión Permanente de Derechos Humanos (CPDH) said that they would ask for precautionary measures for the journalists Alvarez, Quintana, and Lawrence.