PEN International, PEN America, PEN Argentina, and PEN San Miguel de Allende, with the support of other PEN Centres in the Americas, have established the International Observatory “Eye on Nicaragua”, accessible on The PEN International website, and here on the PEN San Miguel website.

This is a space where the Nicaraguan government’s sustained censorship attempts are exposed and documented.

We, the Board and members of San Miguel PEN, are honored and excited to support, defend, and continue the extraordinary and brave work of our comadres and compadres in Nicaragua.

In Passionate Resistance to ALL Forms of Suppression of Freedom of Expression, 

  • Judyth Hill, President, member PIWWC 
  • Sharon Steeber, Vice-President
  • Lucina Kathmann, Treasurer, Vice President PEN International, member PIWWC
  • Rosaleen Bertolino, Secretary
  • Nicholas Patricca, Accounts Manager
  • Signe Hammer, Speaker Series Coordinator
  • Dennis Conroy, WIPC representative
  • Elizabeth Starcevic, President Emerita
  • Victor Sahautoba, Vice-President Emeritus