Alejandra Jiménez García

Alejandra Jiménez García, a reporter for the radio station La Zeta Zacapu in Zacapu, MIC, received a threatening hand-written note on May 23, 2019. It contained language along the lines of “you’re going to pay with your ass.” Jiménez García has drawn unwelcome attention because of her accusations that forest fires in Michoacán are beingContinue reading “Alejandra Jiménez García”

Armando Martínez Reyes

Armando Martínez, a correspondent and photographer for Cambio de Michoacán, was beaten by members of the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales of the Michoacán police, during a demonstration of the CNTE teachers’ union in Pátzcuaro. Story from Monitor Expresso: “Llegaron a golpear, a retirarlos a como diera lugar”, periodista agredido por Policía Michoacán